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Pogoda Companies, a national top 25 self-storage management company with 35 locations, needed an effective method for ordering and managing accounting products and printing. The old method involved several vendors, excess administration, and an internal system for distributing printing supplies to the various offices. It was challenging to determine which vendor to utilize, and prices would often change without notification. Without a single program in place to manage supplies, Pogoda spent excess time using online programs from several suppliers.

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Metcom offered a comprehensive print management program, effectively relieving Pogoda from the burden. The program includes an online portal with branch-specific personalization, and all orders for checks, deposit slips, business cards and envelopes are automatically routed to the approving manager at the main office. Although orders are drop-shipped directly to the specific branch, the billing is itemized and generated on a monthly basis. All online items and pricing have been pre-approved by Pogoda, and prices cannot be changed without first notifying management.

  • Lower overall cost – Pogoda achieved preferred program pricing which cannot be changed without proper notification.

  • More control – Management selects which items to offer and upload to the program, eliminating unauthorized purchases.

  • Less administrative time and hassle – Pogoda spends less time processing orders, invoices and checks.

  • More accountability – Metcom is accountable to Pogoda, standing behind and guaranteeing all products and services.

  • No cost or hassle regarding returned products – Pogoda may return any item for any reason (or no reason), at no additional cost.

​““Why do I use Metcom? Quality, price and convenience . . .

I just like everything about the company.

​Julie Bayley

Pogoda Companies

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