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2021 Calendars

Logo Imprinted PPE

Signs and Banners

Branded Apparel

Promotional Products

Protection Collection

A curated set of products to keep you safe at home and in the office.

With the Protection Collection, you can supply your staff and customers with essential equipment from reputable manufacturers while increasing your brand visibility.

Hand Sanitizer Cozys

Mask Dispensers

High Visibility Masks

PPE Kits

Backpack Safety Kit

Side Button Ballcap

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Metcom is a valued partner to our company. Time after time, Metcom has gone the extra mile to support our company in reaching our marketing and promotional goals. Metcom’s support staff is knowledgeable and responsive to our company’s needs, and the product selection offered by Metcom is nearly limitless. 


Aaron Mullins,

PVS Chemicals, Inc.

Keep your company safe.
Masks, sanitizers, barriers, floor decals & more!

The Metcom Guarantee

Our products and services are 100% guaranteed.
If any of our products or services do not meet your expectations, you will be compensated to the extent that you are completely satisfied. 

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