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Store & Distribution Services

Virtually every product that is manufactured, stored or shipped will require multiple labels throughout it's logistics journey.


Labeling is a critical component to a well-managed supply chain process.


Fast and accurate identification

Meeting regulatory standards

Increasing efficiency

Streamlining business partnerships

Improving customer satisfaction

Supply Chain Solutions

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“Metcom came in and offered an idea that we did not know was possible. The idea was a new product and process that saves us time and hassle every day.”

Rob Holland
Plant Manager, Ajax Metal Processing

Metcom's Solution for Ajax Metal Processing

Metcom offered a synthetic thermal transfer tag product to Ajax, eliminating the need for clipped corner tags and paper labels. The synthetic tags are made from sturdy 7-point V-Max stock and include a die cut drill hole. 

Keep your company safe.
Masks, sanitizers, barriers, floor decals & more!

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