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​“I was shocked at how fast their service is...and it's perfect.”

Deanna L. Osborne

President, Osborne Concrete

​“With multiple locations throughout Michigan, I don't have the time to constantly shop and compare. Metcom has proven themselves with competitive pricing and a program to service all of our branches with a  timely and efficient on-line program.”

Charlie Hoffman

Vice President - Finance, Wimsatt Building Materials

Metcom's Solution for Wimsatt Building Materials


Metcom created a comprehensive print and office product management program saving Wimsatt time, money and hassle.


The Metcom Guarantee

Our products and services are 100% guaranteed.
If any of our products or services d
o not meet your expectations, you will be compensated to the extent that you are completely satisfied. 

Thank you for choosing Metcom!

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