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Delivered to your workplace. 

We'll set up a customized online shop for ordering office supplies. 

Our program allows multiple business locations to order products that have been selected and approved. 

And we'll ship it right away!

Large office products selection

24 hour delivery

Customized office products

OEM and remanufactured computer supplies

Automated order restrictions/approvals

No “Big Box” bureaucracy

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Keep your company safe.
Masks, sanitizers, barriers, floor decals & more!

“Before Metcom, our staff would complain that we’re out of print and supplies. This doesn’t happen now that we’re with Metcom.  Now I get to do my job more efficiently – Metcom makes me more productive.”

Debbie Esposito
Office Manager,  City Wide Produce, Chicago


The Metcom Guarantee

Our products and services are 100% guaranteed.
If any of our products or services d
o not meet your expectations, you will be compensated to the extent that you are completely satisfied. 

Thank you for choosing Metcom!

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