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Erickson’s Flooring needed an easier and more effective process for handling email marketing – primarily special offers for high-end flooring. The old method involved a third party firm that offered a template-based program for sending monthly emails. It was cumbersome and time-consuming, as it required Erickson’s to edit the template with limited design flexibility. The end piece was “clunky-looking” and lacked a graphic flair.

Erickson’s has multiple lists and emails would often be sent to the wrong recipient. There was also no way to easily remove previous price schedules, allowing customers to order with expired pricing. Moreover, the list function was difficult to manage, and the reporting options were very limited.


Metcom offered a complete email marketing service, including graphic design, list management, and timely and accurate email distribution with easy and relevant reporting.

  • Less time spent designing and editing – Erickson’s simply sends Metcom the new product offer.

  • Less hassle with managing the list – Erickson’s sends Metcom any new prospects or changes.

  • More effective and accurate E-mail campaigns – Metcom removes expired price schedules and guarantees that the correct list is used for each mailing.

  • Strengthened brand and improved sales – Metcom improved the graphic design.


​“I can buy printing services from anywhere but Metcom's "do what it takes" customer service team makes the difference. ”

David Powell
Marketing Director, Erickson's Flooring & Supply

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