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Wellington Industries, a metal-forming tool maker for the automotive industry, needed an effective method for ordering and managing labels and printed products. The old method involved several vendors, excess administration, and no accountability. Excess time was spent determining which vendor to utilize, and prices would often change without notification. Without a program in place to manage the label-ordering process, orders for “non-approved” items were routine. Vendor accountability was lacking whenever order deviations arose.

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Metcom offered a comprehensive, single-source solution with guaranteed, blanket-order pricing. All items and pricing have been pre-approved, and prices cannot be changed without first notifying Wellington. Additionally, all orders are 100% guaranteed. If any order does not meet Wellington’s expectations, Metcom will compensate them to the extent that they are completely satisfied.

  • Lower overall cost Wellington achieves preferred blanket-order pricing which cannot be changed without proper notification.

  • More control – Management selects which items to offer, eliminating unauthorized purchases.

  • Less administrative time and hassle – Wellington spends less time processing invoices and checks.

  • More accountability – Metcom is accountable to Wellington, standing behind and guaranteeing all products and services.

  • No cost or hassle regarding returned products – Wellington may return any item for any reason (or no reason), at no additional cost.

​“Metcom does a great job for us!”

Mary Fenningsdorf
Purchasing Director, Wellington Industries

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The Metcom Guarantee

Our products and services are 100% guaranteed.
If any of our products or services do not meet your expectations, you will be compensated to the extent that you are completely satisfied. 

Thank you for choosing Metcom!

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