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VernDale Products, a Detroit-based producer of roller dried milk for the chocolate treat industry, needed a professionally designed display for an upcoming trade show. The goal of the display was to generate interest from qualified prospects by portraying the history, dependability, and uniqueness of the company and their manufacturing and quality process. In addition, VernDale wanted to showcase the capabilities of a new, additional plant. Photographs provided by the client were not suitable for print. VernDale had a broad vision of what they wanted to display, but they did not have a starting point design, or any knowledge of their options.


To address the need of quality, print-ready photography, Metcom offered to photograph the exterior and interior of both plants, including action shots of the manufacturing process.

The Metcom team was able to brainstorm and design a concept that fit well with the VernDale vision, and then selected a display product that was ideally suited for the trade show. Focusing on VernDale’s directive – ‘Who We Are?’ and ‘Why VernDale?’, Metcom designed two unique displays. Metcom also recommended a unique, dual purpose banner for both indoor and outdoor use – perfect for usage beyond the trade show.

Proofs were provided and quickly approved by VernDale, and the displays and banner were produced and shipped within 1 week – just in time for the trade show.

  • Lower Overall Cost – VernDale was able to save money by utilizing one company for photography, concept and design, consulting and support, and the final display products.

  • Less Worry & Hassle – Since VernDale did not have to coordinate the various components of the project, they saved time and hassle, as well as gaining the satisfaction of working with one person who is accountable for the success of the project. From concept to finished product, Metcom delivered custom and unique trade show displays that fit VernDale’s vision in time for their show!

VernDale products image.jpg

“Thanks a lot to you and your team for your hard work. All of the trade show materials you made for us look great! I will definitely be using Metcom for all future needs. Thanks again!”

Kyle Tannheimer
Sales Manager, VernDale Products, Inc.

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