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Our Satisfied Clients


“Metcom provides quality, high-security transcript paper and
forms, and backs it up with reliable, local service.”

Adrian Phillips
Interim Provost Enrollment Management / Retention
Wayne County Community College District


“With multi-locations throughout Michigan, I don’t have time to constantly shop and compare. Metcom has proven themselves with competitive pricing and a program to service all of our branches with a timely and efficient on-line program.”

Charles Hoffman
V.P. – Finance
Wimsatt Building Materials


“The Metcom customer support staff is the main reason we stick with Metcom. Every communication makes me feel important.” 

Michelle MacDonald
Office Manager, Bill MacDonald Ford


“Their program has helped us cut costs and save time. And it’s more than just innovative technology. Metcom offers the personal service to back it up.”

Mark Jansen, C.P.A.
CFO, First State Bank


“Metcom’s secure online check ordering program helps Village Green cut costs, save time and reduces the need for storage. In short, fewer headaches!”

Kellie Lynn
Accounts Payable, Village Green


“Just want to communicate that Karen in client support is a gem. The way she offered suggestions and displayed patience made this a very pleasant process. Not to mention how quick your graphic / print team is on making the necessary changes as I reviewed the options. Keep up the good work Metcom…as word of mouth, does wonders.”

Robert Tellado
President, La Hacienda Brands


“We are very happy with Metcom. They store our critical forms and have them available when we need them. Metcom does a great job for us!”

Julia Schultz
Office Manager, Wolverine Packing


“Before Metcom, our staff would complain that we’re out of print and supplies. This doesn’t happen now that we’re with Metcom.  Now I get to do my job more efficiently – Metcom makes me more productive.”


Debbie Esposito 

Office Manager, City Wide Produce

 Chicago, IL


“Thanks a lot to you and your team for your hard work.  All of the trade show materials you made for us look great!  I will definitely be using Metcom for all future needs. Thanks again!”

Kyle Tannheimer, Vice President
VernDale Products, Inc.


“The patron cards arrived and we LOVE them! Our patrons think they look awfully snazzy, too. Thank you for all of your help!”

Alyson Lobert
Director, Walled Lake City Library


“Metcom is accessible, consistently delivers high quality, and they stand behind their product 100%. They’re great listeners and their expertise allows them to lead us with effective solutions, year after year. Always priced right, always delivered on time- it is a pleasure doing business with Metcom.”

Kyle Stone
Ben B. Schwartz and Sons, Inc.
Detroit Michigan Produce Terminal


“I like Metcom because I can talk to the boss – President to President.”

Wisam Paulus
President, Trepco Limited


“We are so happy to work with Metcom for our barcodes and tags. Metcom is a local company and they have good pricing and are really nice people! Not only do they save our libraries money and have good quality products, they are a pleasure to work with.”

Tammy Turgeon, Director
Suburban Library Cooperative

“I order from Metcom because they reduce my headaches and make me look good to my team.”

Judy McIntosh
Circulation Head, Northville District Library


“Metcom has been our source for patron cards and property tags for over 15 years.”

Larry Neal, Director
Clinton Macomb Public Library


“Thank you for the awesome service and product! Also, thank you for understanding our billing issue’s.”

Elizabeth Alexander
Circulation Director
Livonia Public Library


"Metcom saves us money and supply us with good quality products, they are a pleasure to work with."

Tammy Turgeon
Sterling Heights Public Library


“You guys are awesome!”

Carla D. Archer
Support Services Coordinator
Southfield Public Library

Kreher Wire Processing

“We received our library cards today and they look great. Patrons are excited about the keg tag! Thank you for your assistance and I will be sure the let the other libraries in the area know about your company. Thank you Metcom!”

BillieJo Bluemer
Library Director
Rauchholz Memorial Library

“Metcom is wonderful to work with. What a helpful, professional staff!”

Chris Smith
Kreher Wire Processing

“Thank you for following-up with the tracking information.  Metcom has been so helpful in all our purchases this year – from start to finish.  I will always look to Metcom for any future needs.”

Ruth Isenhoff
Bilsing Automation


“As a busy marketing professional, I wanted to streamline the ordering process for business cards and other marketing collateral. Metcom assisted me in setting up the online templates and now all I do is enter the data, preview it, and place my order right online.  The order typically ships within 3 days!  This process has cut out the back and forth emails with the graphics person and saved me much needed time.  Also, their customer support team is exceptional.  I’m very happy with Metcom and highly recommend they’re online ordering process!”

Nanette Rose
Sr. Corporate Marketing Specialist
Testing Engineers & Consultants, Inc.


“I can buy printed products from anywhere but their ‘do what it takes’ customer service team makes the difference.”

David Powell
Marketing Director, Erickson’s Flooring & Supply


“Metcom is not only creative, dependable and trustworthy, but they are a company that takes pride in their work”

Michele Adams Calloway
Support Community Service Manager
Detroit Wayne Health Authority


“I was shocked at how fast their service is. I called to order a form and 3 days later the complete order is in my hands – and it’s perfect.”

Deanna L. Osborne
President, Osborne Concrete


“Metcom came in and offered an idea that we did not know was possible. The idea was a new product and process that saves us time and hassle every day.”

Rob Holland
Plant Manager
Ajax Metal Processing


“Metcom is Johnny-on-the-spot with quotes, orders, and answers.”

Marry Fenningsdorf, Purchasing Director, Wellington Ind.

Chesterfield Township


“I want to thank you all at Metcom for doing a superb job on our mailers. We really appreciate that you work so effectively and efficiently. We could not have been more pleased with the turn-around time on the mailers. Thank you again for all of your hard work.”

Kevin J. Johnson
DPW Assistant Superintendent
Chesterfield Township

“Why do I use Metcom? Quality, Price & Convenience . . . I just like everything about the company”.

Julie Bayley
Pogoda Companies

pvs logo.png

"Metcom is a valued partner to our company.  Time after time, Metcom has gone the extra mile to support our company in reaching our marketing and promotional goals.  Metcom's support staff is knowledgeable and responsive to our company's needs, and the product selection offered by Metcom is nearly limitless."

Logo for shirt.png

“The Metcom customer service is just excellent. They’re not afraid to question me to make sure that our communication is clear. It’s like they’re watching out for me. The impression I get is that they really care about me and my company”

Paula Kasprzyk
Senior Purchasing Agent
Levy Co.


“We started having some service issues with our supplier of 20 years, but as soon as we transitioned our orders to Metcom, the problems immediately stopped. In fact, we began to utilize Metcom for additional court form requirements, and the process has been efficient and quick. Their customer support people are great, and the entire experience has been positive.”

Nadezda Stojcevska
Court Administrator
16th District Court, Livonia, MI

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