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The Levy Group of Companies, a global aggregate supplier, road builder, and steel mill service provider, with over 40 U.S. locations, needed an effective method for ordering and managing printing, promotional products, and apparel. The previous method involved multiple vendors, excess administration, and a random purchasing pattern as each location often acted independently. It was challenging to determine which vendor to utilize, and prices would often change without notification. To help control renegade purchasing, management enforced a policy requiring all orders be approved at the corporate level, and then processed through the system-wide Oracle platform. This policy placed a high demand on corporate management who were constantly analyzing, proofing and approving various printed products from dozens of vendors. Many of these orders were processed using each vendor’s unique system, and then entered again through the system-wide Oracle program. Request for business card orders involved manual proofing. Without a comprehensive, integrated program in place to order and manage printed forms, promotional products, and company apparel, the corporate administrative staff faced a constant demand on their time and resources.


Metcom connected their operating software and portal program to the Levy Oracle system, which resulted in a comprehensive and fully integrated print, promotional, and apparel product management program. Besides relieving Levy from the burden of dealing with multiple vendors and approvals, the integration allowed Levy to process all orders only once using their Oracle system, which automatically routed and translated each order to the Metcom program. All uploaded graphics, special fonts, and instructions are visible to both Levy and Metcom employees. The program includes branch-specific personalization, and all orders are automatically routed to the approving manager at the corporate office. Orders are drop-shipped directly to each location and the billing is itemized and generated on a monthly basis. Besides pre-approved Levy-specific items, promotional and apparel catalogs are also available online for shopping and ordering. All online items and catalogs include pre-approved pricing, which cannot be changed without first notifying Levy management.

  • Full System Integration – Levy employees are required to utilize their operational software for all orders. Metcom integrated Levy’s Oracle system with the Metcom online portal.  The two connected systems means saving time and errors.

  • Program Pricing – Levy achieves preferred program pricing which cannot be changed without proper notification.

  • Management Control –Management selects which items to offer and upload to the program, eliminating unauthorized purchases.

  • Allocation of Resources –  Levy orders are now billed as they are released from storage, instead of billed up front for the entire production quantity, eliminating large, up-front payments, and allowing the accounting department to expense items as they are used.

  • Streamlined Ordering and Approvals – Instead of coordinating and tracking orders, suppliers and proof approvals with dozens of employees at multiple locations, orders are now processed and tracked through one system. The Levy approving manager is notified that an order has been submitted with an E-mail which includes all order details, along with a proof (if relevant).

  • Accountability – Since the program is comprehensive, Metcom is accountable to Levy, standing behind and guaranteeing all products and services.

  • 100% Guarantee –Levy may return any item for any reason (or no reason), for a full refund or credit.

​“The Metcom customer service is just excellent. They’re not afraid to question me to make sure that our communication is clear. It’s like they’re watching out for me. The impression I get is that they really care about me and my company.”

Paula Kasprzyk
Senior Purchasing Agent, Levy Co.

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