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Ajax Metal Processing, a wire processing company with a diverse global customer base, needed to streamline the process of printing and applying barcode tags to steel coils. In the old method, an Ajax employee printed barcodes on thermal labels, and then applied the labels to clipped-corner tags. The tags were then attached to wires and hung from the many steel coils throughout the plant and outside in the yard.

The problem was that it took a full time employee to simply print and apply the labels to the tags. An additional problem was that the clipped corner tags were not holding up to the harsh environments of the steel plant, as well as the outside weather conditions. Some tags tore and fell off the wires. Often the barcode on the paper thermal labels became compromised by grease, dirt and extreme weather.

Anytime a coil could not be properly identified due to a missing or unreadable barcode, Ajax had to spend excess time re-identifying the coil. Also, Ajax customers issued complaints if the unidentified coils were discovered at their facility. Again, excess time was spent receiving and documenting the coil delivery. Customer shipping issues were routine and order deviations were rising.


Metcom offered a synthetic thermal transfer tag product which effectively eliminated the need for clipped corner tags. The new synthetic tags are designed to replace the old paper labels, so that Ajax can continue to utilize their current thermal transfer equipment.


Since the synthetic tags are made from sturdy 7 point V-Max stock and include a die cut drill hole, they are ready for hanging as soon as they leave the printer. To guarantee that a clear and permanent barcode image is printed on each tag, Metcom also supplied a new resin formula ribbon which is compatible with the customer’s current thermal equipment.

thermal tags and ribbons.png
  • Time Saver – Ajax no longer requires a full time employee to print and apply labels to clipped corner tags. Instead, the employee is assigned to more productive tasks.

  • Cost Saver – Ajax no longer needs to order thermal labels and clipped corner tags.

  • Less Hassle – Ajax no longer tracks unidentified coils. They also respond to far fewer customer complaints and returned products. Additionally, Ajax no longer has to order and inventory various clipped corner tags.

  • More Goodwill – Customers and management are satisfied that all coils are properly identified.


​“Metcom came in and offered an idea that we did not know was possible. The idea was a new product and process that saves us time and hassle every day.”

Rob Holland

Plant Manager, Ajax Metal Processing

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