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Why MetNet?

MetNet allows our clients access to personalized on-line print and supply catalogs with variable print options. 

Even more importantly, what can MetNet do for you? Do you face any of the following challenges?

  • No easy way to budget and track consumable expenses.

  • Too much time spent coordinating delivery of consumables to multiple locations.

  • Unauthorized ordering of print and supplies.

  • No easy way to allocate costs by branch or department.

  • Too much time spent approving supplier invoices and cutting checks for consumables.

  • Logo / brand inconsistency.

  • Lack of accessible order history information.

  • Too much time spent ordering and proofing business cards and other variable items.

  • Lack of a promotional / marketing strategy.

MetNet is a web-based procurement program which allows our clients access to a personalized on-line print and supply catalog with variable print options. This flexible program can even be designed to look just like your website so that it appears seamless to every user.

Using MetNet will change the way you order printing and supplies, but these changes will streamline your ordering. For example, MetNet will allow you to have a complete on-line inventory of your printed products. You will be able to access your printing more quickly and efficiently.


Available on MetNet

Stationery Programs

  • On-Line Proofing & Editing

  • Brand / Quality Control

  • Real-Time Inventory

Management Reporting

  • Item Usage

  • Cost Center Activity

  • Budget Comparison Reporting


  • Template-Based Ordering

  • Brand & Content Control

  • Full Color Variable Personalization

  • One-To-One Marketing

  • PURL Campaigns

  • Database Linking

On-Line Catalogs

  • Products Categorized For Easy Selection

  • Instant E-Mail Order Confirmations

  • Order Tracking By Cost Center

  • On-Line Perpetual Inventory

  • Promotional Product Searching

  • Full Line Office Products

  • Full Line Apparel Catalog

Management Control & Accountability

  • Immediate Access

  • Digital Product Images

  • Maximum Order Limits

  • Approval Options – Item & Cost Center

  • Real-Time Inventory Analysis

  • Monthly Summary Billing

  • Dedicated Customer Support

  • Management Review Meetings

  • Secure & Password Protected

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