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Launching your online company store is easy!

Check Out These Live Online Stores. This Could Be You!


Have you thought about promoting your brand with an online merchandise store?

Metstore is the answer!

No Headaches

It’s your personal online store featuring your logo, colors and branded merchandise! We’ll handle the hard work: site development and management, secure hosting and credit card transactions, stocking, storage, fulfillment and quality control.


Customer support comes with the package. You’ll never have to deal with order returns and “how-to” questions.

Why offer your merchandise online?

Lower Costs. Using our online company store allows you to buy in bulk and take advantage of volume discounts.

Reduced Turnaround Times. Delivery times shrink to as little as one day.

Powerful Marketing Reports. Our monthly reports let you track who’s purchasing your products and when. Whether you’re selling to the public or only within your organization, you’re in control.

If you are interested in streamlining the ordering process and controlling brand identity, while making your apparel and promotional products more available to employees or customers, Metstore is your answer! With Metstore, we can build you a personal company store which is fully integrated with our print and office products program.


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